Doctor Who: The Parting of the Ways

The series finale for Doctor Who has run, and it was a cracker. Spoilers follow in commentary and speculation.

Let's take a look at those predictions I made earlier in the series.

We'll hear more of the Doctor's home planet.

It's been mentioned, but I wouldn't claim this one as a win.

We'll hear more of the Time War.

Oh, I think I get this one. I'm wondering if it'll come up again, though, or if Rose actually managed to wipe out the Daleks completely, and if any other Time Lords really survived.

There will not be a romance between Rose and the Doctor.

I am torn. On the one hand, there isn't. On the other, there so is. But apart from that one kiss, and the words "My Doctor", there's not much to support it. I'll claim a cautious win.

There will be one episode in the first season set entirely in the Tardis.

Complete loss. I want to see more than the control room, but I wasn't getting anything in this series.

The ET/Grey Aliens will recur, and not just in the second part of the first two-parter.

That was the Slitheen. I give you Boom Town.

There will be plot arcs.


Mickey, unfortunately, will be a recurring character.
So will Rose's mother.

Check and check.

The humanoid pig and the hole in Big Ben will become iconic images for the series.

The hole in Big Ben, yes, I think so - the pig, not so much.

Chris Eccleston will come in for some serious telling off at the first Doctor Who convention he attends, over only doing one season.

I haven't heard one way or other on this one. But the new guy - David Tennant - looks to have a good grip on things, inasmuch as you can tell from a dozen words. So maybe Eccleston won't get too much scolding.

And on my prediction of Rose being the Bad Wolf, I win that too. Billie Tyler, according to the BBC, will appear "throughout" the second series. I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle the relationship between her and the new Doctor. And wondering if he's going to hang on to the leather jacket, since as far as I can see, each new Doctor before has had a different outfit.

I'm a complete convert - not that I was too sceptical to start, mind, but I was prepared for it not to be good. We'll have to wait until Christmas for the next dose of the Doctor, though - I think I may be investing in a few books in the meantime.

Posted by Drew Shiel at June 20, 2005 10:13 AM

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