Future Projects

It's been announced that A Feast For Crows, George R. R. Martin's latest book, is now going into production. It got so big he had to split it in two, so we get half now and half later. In view of this, when I was looking for something to read while commuting today, I picked up A Game of Thrones. I knew it was good, but I had forgotten just how good it is. There's not a word out of place, and I hadn't remembered the clarity of the setting and the voices, and the way in which you're instantly drawn into his world. His works are one of the only things that draw me away from my native playground of high fantasy.

It's this that makes me think that next time I go about developing a world from scratch - and it's an itch that sometimes makes itself known, despite the hold Davon has on me - it'll be grimmer, grittier, more mud-and-swords, with the magic held firmly in check, and none of my beloved flying ships in sight.

And then again, I find myself wanting to create a space opera setting - something than spans huge numbers of worlds, has battles between vast star empires, and more shapes of alien than I can currently imagine.

And of course, China Miéville makes me want to write complex urban fantasy - for which there is one space in Davon, although no players have yet taken me up on offers to play there. But I live in hope.

And then there're possibilities of urban fantasy, and wholly other-cultured high fantasy, and, and... I have too many ideas, and not enough time.

Posted by Drew Shiel at June 9, 2005 8:55 AM

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