Levelling Guide

I play D&D a lot, and some of my players are newcomers to the game, or more interested in the roleplaying than the rules. The latter isn't a problem, by any manner of means, it's the way I prefer games to run. I just tell them when to roll, and it's not like the basic structure of the d20 system is difficult to pick up. But there is a difficulty - levelling the characters. The process of putting a character up a level is so badly described in the Players Handbook that you essentially have to know what to do before you can do it. So I'm trying to put together a "levelling guide", a document I can hand to people, and say "follow these instructions". I'm finding that it's hard to even get started; there's information scattered up and down the book, from the effects of ability score increases right at the beginning, to the choice of spells at the end, with feats and skills and class abilities and everything else falling in between. And multiclassing! And prestige classes! This is going to be a long task.

Posted by Drew Shiel at June 3, 2005 10:54 AM

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