Doctor Who Predictions

A raft of (mostly optimistic) predictions for Doctor Who:

We'll hear more of the Doctor's home planet.
We'll hear more of the Time War.
There will not be a romance between Rose and the Doctor.
There will be one episode in the first season set entirely in the Tardis.
The ET/Grey Aliens will recur, and not just in the second part of the first two-parter.
There will be plot arcs.
Mickey, unfortunately, will be a recurring character.
So will Rose's mother.
The humanoid pig and the hole in Big Ben will become iconic images for the series.
Chris Eccleston will come in for some serious telling off at the first Doctor Who convention he attends, over only doing one season.

Let's check back in a while and see how we go.

Posted by Drew Shiel at April 22, 2005 4:46 PM | TrackBack

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