(A trifle is a mix of good things)

Matthew Rossi's Things That Never Were is now available from Amazon, and you must buy it. It's a compilation of his essays, which put together seemingly unrelated facts to come up with bizarre conclusions about what might happen, might have happened, or might still happen, if the world were a stranger place. I've been reading Rossi's stuff for years on his various websites and journals, and I can recommend it very very strongly. His current website is at the fantastically named Once I Noticed I Was On Fire, I Decided To Relax And Enjoy The Fall.

Albedo One is Ireland's premier sci-fi magazine. While it's still not up to the standards of Finland's Portti or Tähtivaeltaja, it's still not bad for a specialist magazine produced on a small budget in a small country.

Irish SF News is an online newsletter, detailing pretty much what it says on the can. The current issue deals with comics, and contains the news that Mark Millar is going to be in Dublin. I can't decide my reaction to this - I know he's done good stuff, but his run on the Authority was, well, terrible.

Terra Nova is a really rather good blog about Virtual Worlds - MMORPGs, in essence. There's a good commentary there on the difficulty of explaining the things to people who've never experienced them.

One of the contributors to Terra Nova also runs The Daedalus Project, a collection of data, experiences in, and academic speculation about MMORPGs. It's provided me with some excellent reading on the subjects of guilds and raids.

And finally, two comic strips, one about online games in general: GU Comics, and one about Dark Age of Camelot: Camelot Addict. Say what you will about the title of that last.

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