Comments: WoW 2.1: Casuals v Raiders

So, see, I've read the posts from people saying that casual raiding is dead in TBC, that the fights are just too hard unless everyone is at their peak. And yet our crowd - admittedly the first of our bunch to get attuned, and so in some ways perhaps the more dedicated of the bunch - managed to down Attumen on their first attempt.

What's the story? Is Karazhan just different (easier than) the later 25 man stuff? Or are our guys who went in absolutely on top form? I'm still levelling up, but I'd like to see inside Karazhan at least a few times - but I won't have the time to spend to sign up every week to learn all the bossfights over and over again. Will I really wipe any group I'm with if I try to tag along?

Posted by Arthenon at May 31, 2007 3:08 PM

Kara is diffrent from the 25 man instances but not too different. If you learn from Kara you should be fine in them. Dont take the core raiders too serious when they say it has to be perfect or you wipe. They want it to look like their great.

Posted by n00bstein at June 1, 2007 9:58 AM
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