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I read this post and it did get me thinking baout what you said and I have to disagree with you. you look at raiding guilds like most people do and thgink it's just a job. well for some hihg end "hardcore style" raiding guilds this can be true but there are other "hardcore" raiding guilds that still treat this like a game. I think raiding and Roleplaying go hand in hand really. I like to raid because I like to fight the bosses my self and not how it was in warcraft where either A) you controled them or B) you controled a army of people this way you control yourself and you actually get the feeling of fighting these legendary charaters. so I think raiding is really interesting sure its long hours and dedication but thats how we like it. we like sitting inside a instance for long hours killing things and getting loot thats just what we do =)

Posted by Veveris at October 29, 2007 7:17 PM
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