Comments: Vanguard Details

"There's housing, and you can place it anywhere - something missing, by and large, from the latest games, which either have no housing at all, something I miss, or a single defined and limited area"

Ah - harking all the way back to UO, then. 'Cos that worked. (Well, actually, yes, it did work if you were one of the first people/groups onto a server and could grind cash, then find space to build. Everyone else got screwed).

"Housing you can place anywhere" - sorry, *not* possible. Or they have a different definition of 'anywhere' to the dictionary. Otherwise, I could drop my house to prevent someone else accessing theirs, or over a resource spawn spot. Pretty sure this will be a case of UO-style 'housing you can place anywhere except where we've blocked it with contours, terrain, scenery, and not within x distance from existing buildings, either.'

Posted by at February 22, 2006 11:22 AM